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Online Courses
999per participant
Our value offering! Align your teams’ communication for the most important situations in daily work life.
  • Minimum 20 participants
  • 6-15 hours of coursework
  • Individualized feedback by coaches
Self-paced Online Courses + Live Online Coaching
1999per participant
HR officers recommend this for all teams! Everything from the self-paced online course package + live hands-on web sessions.
  • Minimum 20 participants
  • 6-15 hours of coursework
  • 3 Live Webinars with LearnEd coaches.
  • Individualized written and video feedback by coaches
Live Coaching
For Teams
4999per participant
Target high-stakes challenge areas with specifically configured learner paths for a team.
  • Minimum 6 participants
  • 10 hours of live web sessions
  • Live online learning sessions with group discussions, case studies & tasks
  • Custom content curation
  • Video, written, and one-on-one feedback during learning sessions and on task assignments
Leadership Coaching Small Teams & Individuals
Get a Customized program just for you
Custom created curriculum & coaching based on individual needs for senior managers & executives.
  • Minimum 2 participants
  • 6-10 hours /month of live one-on-one web sessions
  • A completely personalized curriculum to meet specific challenges
  • In-depth individualized feedback & live input based on client needs. Daily access to coaches throughout the month.

*Ask us about our special pricing for large groups or bundled courses.


What does self-paced online learning mean?

In an online course, a participant goes through a learning program that is delivered through video instructions, quizzes, and tasks. Daily, a course topic becomes available for the participant to go through and complete. Quizzes keep track of what they are learning and how effectively they can apply it. Because all the learning materials are online, the participant can access them anytime and anywhere on their laptop or smartphone.

What technology does a participant need to take an online course?

  1. A laptop and a smartphone with a fairly latest operating system
  2. An up-to-date internet browser – Chrome, Explorer, Edge, or Safari are all good
  3. A stable internet connection

We recommend taking the course on a computer or laptop screen because it allows for better focus.

How much time does a participant need to spend daily to successfully complete LearnEd’s online self-paced course?

A participant will have to spend about 45-55 minutes per day to successfully complete the course on time.

How do you know that participants are learning in the self-paced program?

The LMS (Learning Management System) gives us a complete report of the progress of every participant on each task in the course. We also provide daily feedback to each participant and through the whatsapp messages and calls made to provide support to them

How will the supervisor/s know about every participants’ progress?

We consistently report the progress of each participant to the management during the program. Supervisors can also access these reports at any time through our LMS.

How does LearnEd set-up a learning program for a team?

We kick off the program with a 30-minute alignment call with your company’s decision-maker/s (HR, CEO, Founder, etc.) involved with employee training to understand the target and challenge areas for their team’s training or upskilling. Next, we conduct a needs survey and a pretest with the participants. We then onboard the team to their online classroom with a first live web session with a LearnEd coach. The survey data and information we have from the supervisor and participants helps us align our coursework, tasks, and our feedback to specifically target the areas that need to be developed.

What kind of topics and learning do the live web sessions address? How long are these sessions?

The live web sessions have a dual advantage. First, they address any questions/problems that participants may face during the course. Second, they get introduced to topics that are matched with the most pressing issues that they would like to solve. Finally, our coaches also push participants to explore and hone new skills with frameworks, systematic practice, and case studies.

How is feedback given? How is it useful?

For all the written tasks, written feedback is given on submission of each task and written as well as audio/video feedback is given for the video tasks in the course.

What makes LearnEd’s courses more effective from any other courses online or onsite?

Our courses are carefully curated and designed based on over 20 years of experience teaching in India and internationally. We are firmly established in a scientific approach to designing and sequencing our courses. Our instructional design team is trained at Standford University and University of California, Los Angeles & Riverside. The learning design is based on principles of neuroscience for learning and second language acquisition pedagogy. Moreover our courses are designed to fit a busy working person’s schedule.

How is a coaching program for a team implemented?

The first step is we provide a link to our online needs assessment and diagnostic test that the team takes. After completion of this they are sent a link to log in to the online course. They get a reminder regularly to complete the online tasks after watching the instructional videos. Feedback is given for each task. For the mid-session webinar coaching sessions, a zoom link is sent to participants by email.

How does personal coaching work?

Leaders and ambitious professionals prefer to work with Tarana or Neesha, LearnEd’s core facilitators, individually. We meet our personal coaching clients once a week for 90 minutes. We create a very focused learning plan for our client which includes assessing their current level, setting goals, and then designing learning sequences and content. These sessions are more fluid and focus on the individuals personal growth journey.

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