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How Much Of Your Time Are You Wasting On Fixing Writing Errors In SOPs And Compliance Letters?

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“As regulatory officers, we end up spending over 25% of our time correcting and fixing writing errors in SOPs and compliance letters. This delays our real work which is to check for the regulatory compliances. Precise editing and writing skills are essential for every Pharma employee who needs to document processes and create reports.”


What Is Precise Writing Skills For The Pharma Workplace?

A flawed or poorly written document is a waste of time, efficiency, and resources. In the Pharmaceutical Industry, not writing records and processes clearly can have several negative consequences. For instance, the pharma product can be recalled, the business can lose clients, and the company can even face lawsuits. On a more personal level, a supervisor could lose trust in the employee for his quality of work.

We’ve designed this industry relevant course with months of careful research. Our instructional designers from Stanford University and the University of California have worked hard to understand the Pharma workplace. Based on that, we have created the course content to ensure that it will become the best and the most valuable skill you develop for your teams.

“What you write, you do and what you do, you write.”


Why Is Precise Writing A Necessity For Compliance Documentation

While most regulatory compliance bodies tell companies what documents they need, in writing, they do not tell you how to write them.

This course will present precise writing skills for employees in the pharma industry, where proper documentation of all processes is mandatory for delivering any information. Effectively prepared documents, reports, and SOPs help to keep companies on track with all compliance bodies. For instance, the pharma product can be recalled, the business can lose clients, and the company can even face lawsuits.

A flawed or poorly written document is a waste of the pharma company’s time and resources. The tips and tricks you will learn will help you develop a focus on the reader of your documents.

In this online course, your
teams will learn about:

  • How to best organize and deliver information to build trust for an intended audience
  • Techniques to write error-free documents to address reviewer comments
  • How to write documents and reports for consistency in operations
  • Strategies to adhere writing accuracy to the ALCOA principles too
  • The importance of document integrity and data integrity.
  • Specific English grammar for clarity and correctness of information.
  • How to revise and refine your and others’ writing
  • How to provide adequate detail in your writing for scope and impact of problems, actionable investigations, etc.

“What has been explained is very different from what has been written in the SOP document. This then implies that you are not following your SOPs. Such errors in writing are a major cause of getting warning letters.”


Who will benefit from this course?

  • Junior and mid-level employees in the pharmaceutical companies who have technical knowledge but need to sharpen create error-free documents like reports, SOPs, and other GMP documents.
  • Specific Pharma teams looking to write correct and clear documentation to pass regulatory compliances
  • HR looking for an entry-level training program to boost new employees ability and start them off better prepared

The LearnEd Difference

  • Assess the current communication problems and target them systematically with proven solutions.
  • Create an implementation plan tailored to your team’s needs.
  • Deliver an interactive learning experience to promote critical-thinking at all levels.
  • Improve your teams’ English skills so that they can apply them immediately.
  • Get one-on-one feedback to improve both written and spoken communication.
  • Receive a detailed report on their progress and the next steps to continue their growth.

“Correcting English communication is not a role a senior leader of the company should be playing. 25% of the time our HOD’s time is generally used to correct writing errors in SOPs and Compliance Letters.”


Our courses are carefully designed with in-depth research and our unique learning methodology.

This training has helped me to improve my efficiency at work. I also feel more confident about my writing skills and learned a lot about the different types of documents we will have to create in our Pharma job role.



See how LearnEd programs have changed lives.

This training will help me with verbal communication, emails, time management, disagreeing politely in meetings & also generally speaking fluently without grammatical mistakes. Through the tasks we were given, I could understand what is still needed to improve my skill. Quizzes, feedback & practice tasks were very well designed because I could measure my improvement during the courses.

Suresh Mali

Junior Engineer

This course taught me a lot of new things, especially how to overcome the challenges that we face in our day to day working life.

Tathagat Vyas

Human Resource Manager

The entire course was designed in a very structured and very simplified way. I am even more confident now I have learned a lot of things from this course will be very helpful to me in my professional life.

Pallavi Pathak

Assistant Manager Sourcing , Recrutiment agency

The video tasks concept was new to me and I liked this interactive way of completing these tasks. Also getting one on one feedback from my instructor has been of great help.

Keyur Bhatt

Manufacturing Industry

Now I am able to speak confidently and meeting and can guide the team on writing emails.

Blessy Fernandes

Front Desk officer , Manufacturing Industry

It has helped me to be more confident and all the topics especially how to write an email will help me more in my work.

Bansri Mistry

Design Team Leader, IT Solutions

We could smoothly relate the training with our work like Action points, Stressing of words during communication, Your attitude towards the customer.

Lokeshwar Singh Rajput

Business Development Officer , Manufacturing Industry

As I have recently entered the professional world, it shall help me to communicate with others in a better way.

Het Thakkar

Manufacturing Industry, Junior Engineer

I have to mail and call frequently with my German colleagues. So, this course was very useful for me – especially the email module that taught me how to write emails to the point with sharp subject lines.

Dhruvin Gajjar

Electrical Engineer , Junior Engineer

This training has helped me to improve my efficiency at work. I also feel more confident about my writing skills and learned a lot about the different types of documents we will have to create in our Pharma job role.


About the Facilitator

Neesha Patel
Neesha Patel, our Core Facilitator, is an expert in Communication skill development and training. In a working career spanning over 18 years, she has worked with the city’s leading colleges and schools as a communication skills trainer. She strongly believes that in today’s competitive world, communication skills are the most sought-after quality for all career-oriented people. It’s never too late to work on your communication and soft skills and by doing so improve your quality of life. Neesha loves travelling, is an avid reader, and enjoys cooking.

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