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From the Horse’s Mouth: Your English will Land You the Job You’ve Been Looking For

In a day and age where unemployment is on the rise, every debate finds its way around to the fact that people are constantly looking for work, and often fail at finding it. Discussions have been aplenty, but no one really seems to have an answer as to why the job market is such a sinking pit.

With so much competition among candidates for every position, it becomes exceedingly important to give yourself an edge when it comes to your skills and abilities. Arming yourself with knowledge of your field and staying updated with current affairs is a must. However, along with this, it is equally important to sharpen your communication skills and soft skills. Companies all over the world are looking for smart-talkers, for people who can deftly make their point heard and who can talk to clients effectively. The need of the hour is people who can speak fluently in English, thus allowing a company to form a global presence. In fact, the Executive Director of the Malaysian Employers Federation, Shamsuddin Bardan, states this clearly: “Most of the jobs available require knowledge of English as you need to communicate with your clients or customers, especially in marketing and sales, which are normally the kind of jobs available now.When you don’t have that requirement, it’s very difficult for the employers to do anything.” The MEF’s report even states that 59% of their fresh applicants do not get hired because of their poor command of the English language. Don’t believe us? Read more here.

Not just in Malaysia, but in so many countries, a competent understanding of English is fast becoming a basic requirement. Britain’s Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, Sajid Javid, states that “the government wants people to learn the language so they can enjoy more of the benefits of living in the country, and so there is less resentment among others who expect them to make such an effort.” He also states this learning English “transformed the life” of his own mother too!

This isn’t just a story of other countries. In India too, the ability to communicate in English is a basic requirement. The Dean of IIT Madras, R. David Koilpillai explains, “Students must be able to communicate technical ideas clearly in interviews. Proficiency in spoken English gives confidence.” HR Managers also state that candidates with English skills above the local average stand out from the crowd and garner 30-50% higher salaries than similarly qualified candidates without English skills. You can read more about this situation here.

Armed with this knowledge of how more and more recruiters and companies are insisting on English and Soft Skills, would you still want to be left behind when it comes to advancing your career? Step up, today, and let LearnEd help you race to the top!

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