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Getting a great college placement and then getting job success are both directly related to your “employability.” If you are in specific industries such as manufacturing or pharmaceuticals, you will need to think about this even more carefully. That’s because there is a higher possibility for career growth compared to other industries. 

After surveying over three hundred students and newly placed candidates, we know for a fact that your soft skills, plus your English communication for speaking and writing in many important situations, and your emotional intelligence or attitude play the most crucial role in career success.  

It will surprise you to know that the development of these very important skills was has been neglected in our higher education system. Most college graduates worry about how to do well in an interview, interview skills in other words because they know that most employers today consider them as a top requirement to get a job. They also worry about how to prepare for placement and what it is that will make an impression on the recruiter. 

On the other hand, most new hires worry about how they will gain the trust of their supervisors and create more growth opportunities for themselves in their current job. 

The CBI/Pearson Education & Skills report, published in November 2018, highlighted the following: Around four in ten (43%) rate readiness for work as one of their three most important considerations. Indeed, it ranks as the single most important factor for almost half (45%) of businesses when recruiting school and college leavers.

Thus, very often then we are asked what employability skills mean. Many people are still under the false impression that it means having a strong CV or resume and having good interview skills. We are not discounting the importance of these, but they form a very small part of the big picture! From our twenty years of experience in the education and coaching field, we know that at the heart of the big picture are employability skills like strong communication and other personal attributes like being a team player, shouldering responsibility, leadership qualities and the like and it is these attributes that enable you to be successful in life.

While your technical skills may get your foot in the door, your people skills are what open most of the doors to come. Your work ethic, your attitude, your communication skills, your emotional intelligence and a whole host of other personal attributes are the soft skills that are crucial for career success.

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