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New Year, New Learning!

By now, chances are that you’ve been flooded with every possible variant of a happy new year message that exists on Whatsapp, Facebook and all other platforms. I’d still like to take a moment and make this worth your while – Happy 2019 to you and yours! May this year bring you lots of happiness, success and new learnings! While new year resolutions are a bit of a cliche for me, I do believe in setting some goals that I try to accomplish during the year, goals to get something done, to achieve something, to let go of something or to learn something!

This first month of the new year, this is what I strive to learn. As a child, I was always a lazy student who left studies and homework until the absolute last day. This meant that I had become a champion at memorising bulks of information, but actually understanding none of it. My father realised this and set me two everyday tasks, hoping to turn them into habits for me. The first of these was to write down one multiplication table every day, and the second was to look up five new words in a dictionary and write down their meanings. While the multiplication tables failed to do their magic, the dictionary became a rather close ally to me. I’d look forward to learning new words every day and showing them off to my classmates the next day. This continued for a few years in school, and the results started showing, at least in my English exams. Of course, after a while, I became complacent and let go of the habit, but I still believe that this everyday exercise played a significant part in my vocabulary building. It introduced me to new words in a self-guided method, and my new learning propelled me to practice it every day too. This new year, I think I want to kickstart this habit all over again. New words every day, if not from a dictionary, then from a book or article that I’m reading, but I do want to actively work on my English and vocabulary skills. After all, one can never know enough words, right?

Would you want to adopt this method too? Write in to us in the comments section or contact us via our website and we can even practice together! If you’re afraid to start alone, contact us know and pick up our Accelerator programs for guided everyday practice with our internationally trained language and communication experts. Let’s make 2019 the year when we all take a huge leap forward in our communication and English abilities!

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