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Is your communication skill holding you back
at the peak of your career ?

Our coaching is designed to boost the communication ability of high-potential performers.

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Challenges Professionals Face

  • If I freeze in a presentation, I lose a client.
  • Communication skills can’t be the reason I lose in my work.
  • If I miss the inherent nature of my client’s cultural backgrounds, language, or business, I can’t connect with him to win him over.

Benefits Of Coaching

Achieve the breakthroughs you desire

Clear your confusion or blockages about your sense of yourself as a communicator
Give you precise ways to sharpen your communication with your colleagues and customers
Enhance decision-making and how you talk about it
Help you identify your own communication and interpersonal style
Motivate you to perform better and harness opportunities
Power up your efficiency and productivity

Why are we uniquely qualified to support you

We come from experience in business and communication training. We understand how to support you through the challenges that have been getting in your way for 5 years and you’ll see a meaningful breakthrough to achieve their aspirations. We will work so that you become your best editor/critical thinker.

We cover a wide range of topics in the one-on-one coaching sessions.
We guide our clients to create and own the coaching curriculum based on their most urgent needs.
Speaking & writing mechanics Critical-thinking in communication Conversation management Overcoming blocks and doubts in Business English communication Handling critical and negative situations Client-fronted presentations & pitches Building fluency and confidence Get A Free Consultation


See Show LearnEd Programs have changed Lives.

The LearnEd Difference

  • Assess the current communication problems and target them systematTestimonials ically with proven solutions.
  • Create an implementation plan tailored to your team’s needs.
  • Deliver an interactive learning experience to promote critical-thinking at all levels.
  • Improve your teams’ English skills so that they can apply them immediately.
  • Get one-on-one feedback to improve both written and spoken communication.
  • Receive a detailed report on their progress and the next steps to continue their growth.
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Our Most Popular Courses

Beyond these, we offer many other programs based on your teams’ needs.

  • Workplace Communication Essentials
  • Precise Business Writing
  • Team Coaching on Live Webinars
  • Coaching For Leaders
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