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Are your employees communicating what your clients want to hear?

A manufacturing company sales team closed a $2 million deal during the pandemic right after a coaching program with us.

We showed them how to understand their prospects better, find out what they care about, what communication style they prefer, and apply the right communication strategy.

Is This For You?

Cross-cultural teams, a global marketplace, and a growing client-base. Dynamic business situations demand refined communication skills. We configure programs to help teams and leaders at every level in your chain of command.

Oral and written communication proficiencies are consistently ranked in the top ten desirable skills in employer surves year after year.

Watch this video to find out why our programs are best suited to boost your teams’ potential.

Major Communication Challanges
Faced By Business Teams

LearnEd’s advanced cources with tailor-made course content help business team overcome key communication challanges like –

Boost your team’s confidence to express themselves clearly and succeed with effective communication. Our programs make teams foster deeper connections, develop their Business English and communication skills, and give them the confidence to write and speak clearly.

We believe in delivering results that directly address the communication challenges you have to impact your teams’ productivity & performance. Our goal is to make our participants experience personal and professional growth.

  • 1

    Communicating effectively with seniors focusing on purpose and outcomes and asking clarifying questions when necessary

  • 2

    Expressing thoughts in English without feeling nervous

  • 3

    Planning and managing meetings with precise agendas and action items

  • 4

    Understanding the channels of communication and thinking critically about using them approprietly

  • 5

    Writing actionable emails and business documents

  • 6

    Handling client-fronted conversations confidently to build trust and close sales.

Learning Path

Learning paths are tailor-made for every team!

Self-paced Online Courses

Bring all your management teams to a common understanding of effective practices in spoken and written communication.
Duration 6-12 hours.
Key Courses
  • Workplace Communication Essentials
  • Precise Business Writing

Live Webinar Training for Teams

These sessions are tailor-made based on desired outcomes as daily or weekly sessions.
For upto 20 participants

Small Team Coaching

Teams work on solving specific challenges such as organizing their document writing systems, improving advanced communication skills for negotiation and strategy, etc.
For up to 2-5 participants


Advanced frameworks and topics for professionals, team leaders, executives,
  • Listening To Respond
  • Critical Thinking In Conversations
  • Conversational Intelligence
  • Strategic Persuasion
For Juniors & Mid-level employees
For Managers & Leaders

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See how LearnEd programs have changed lives.

This training will help me with verbal communication, emails, time management, disagreeing politely in meetings & also generally speaking fluently without grammatical mistakes. Through the tasks we were given, I could understand what is still needed to improve my skill. Quizzes, feedback & practice tasks were very well designed because I could measure my improvement during the courses.

Suresh Mali

Junior Engineer

This course taught me a lot of new things, especially how to overcome the challenges that we face in our day to day working life.

Tathagat Vyas

Human Resource Manager

The entire course was designed in a very structured and very simplified way. I am even more confident now I have learned a lot of things from this course will be very helpful to me in my professional life.

Pallavi Pathak

Assistant Manager Sourcing , Recrutiment agency

The video tasks concept was new to me and I liked this interactive way of completing these tasks. Also getting one on one feedback from my instructor has been of great help.

Keyur Bhatt

Manufacturing Industry

Now I am able to speak confidently and meeting and can guide the team on writing emails.

Blessy Fernandes

Front Desk officer , Manufacturing Industry

It has helped me to be more confident and all the topics especially how to write an email will help me more in my work.

Bansri Mistry

Design Team Leader, IT Solutions

We could smoothly relate the training with our work like Action points, Stressing of words during communication, Your attitude towards the customer.

Lokeshwar Singh Rajput

Business Development Officer , Manufacturing Industry

As I have recently entered the professional world, it shall help me to communicate with others in a better way.

Het Thakkar

Manufacturing Industry, Junior Engineer

I have to mail and call frequently with my German colleagues. So, this course was very useful for me – especially the email module that taught me how to write emails to the point with sharp subject lines.

Dhruvin Gajjar

Electrical Engineer , Junior Engineer

Madhu Pande Mukesh Thakwani Het Thakkar Aakash Patel Pritesh Panchal Suresh Mali

Our Most Popular Courses

Beyond these, we offer many other programs based on your teams’ needs.

  • Workplace Communication Essentials
  • Precise Business Writing
  • Team Coaching on Live Webinars
  • Coaching For Leaders

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