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Why I Joined LearnEd – Neesha Patel

“I know English but I’m still afraid to speak it.” This sentence struck a chord in me. This was what…
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“I know English but I’m still afraid to speak it.” This sentence struck a chord in me. This was what I was actually doing when teaching students Communication skills. I was actually trying to bring out their dormant language skill and help them use it. When I met Tarana at LearnEd, it was like meeting another kindred soul with the same purpose in life to make communication easy and simple for all people.

Throughout my career of approximately ten years as a Communication skills trainer, in several leading educational institutions of our city and in several corporates, the one thing that has always struck me is that most people know English, but they do not know how to use it. Here I was, equipped with a useless syllabus from a university telling me what to teach but not addressing the real issue at hand – how to use the knowledge of the language already known.

I wanted to work more on training people to overcome their fears and to best use their language skills for their occupational or professional purposes, not just on teaching the mechanics of the language. Then I read about LearnEd’s course that was addressing this very issue and that’s when I got in touch with T.

Here we were, talking about facing similar problems in the training field and how we could work together and overcome these challenges. The LearnEd team genuinely believes that with the right training program, we can help people enhance their communication strengths. It was this belief that drew me towards this program and also gave me a platform to reinstate my beliefs.

I believe that in today’s competitive world, communication skills in one’s professional life and business are the most sought after quality of an educated person. What deserves more attention is that most people do not feel confident to make presentations and speak in public, despite having the knowledge of English. Developing one’s communication skills can help in all aspects of life, be it your professional life to social gatherings and everything in between. It’s never too late to work on your communication skills and by doing so improve your quality of life.

Most of us seem to have a stigma towards making mistakes inherited from our schooldays. Back then, every mistake was accompanied by a big red mark, a lower test score and a negative comment from the teacher. We were taught that mistakes are a bad thing and that we must try to avoid them. Nothing could be further from the truth!

In almost every walk of life, we improve by making mistakes and learning from our experiences. It’s pretty much the foundation on which civilization is built! So when it comes to learning a language, it’s important to remember that making mistakes is actually a good thing, and LearnEd ensures that every mistake is nothing but a stepping stone to bettering yourself!

Why I Joined LearnEd – Yash Maniar

At school, I was very shy and never interacted with anyone a lot. Things changed with my interactions during college…
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At school, I was very shy and never interacted with anyone a lot. Things changed with my interactions during college festivals, while giving presentations during the Management course I did and while studying at an entrepreneurship programme in the US. 

While I have been fortunate to have these experience, there are many friends who haven’t been abroad or have been ridiculed for their ‘poor English’ and many more who don’t express their ideas and don’t step out of their shell because of this fear.

While researching a bit, I was shocked to read some of the stats – Out if 1.2 billion population, there are just 125 million who can understand English (as per 2012 reports). This is when majority of the social media happens in English and most of the consumers have smartphones, when the world is becoming smaller and trade with international companies is growing each day! It made me think of the fact that there is a need for people to learn how to communicate, both on and off social media.

Often, It isn’t even about speaking the language ‘English’, but about having the confidence to share ideas, express opinions and create an aura that helps people achieve their dreams and inspire others around them. In many ways, it’s about empowering people to live their lives fully!

Communication for me is constant work in progress – to practise and learn to speak effectively. How can I give a Ted-like speech? How can I be a good story-teller?  Learning has always given me a high. Trying new things, discovering new processes and skills. It’s like a magical box that you open up and it equips you with different kind of powers and I feel I am striving to become a brilliant orator that can inspire people. Hence, I always look for opportunities like these.

I came across LearnEd while speaking to a friend about the ed-tech industry and how technology is educating millions of people around. When she mentioned LearnEd’s focus on English education, my first thought was about the impact such education can have on youngsters.

A little bit about me – I am passionate about Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Food amongst many other things. I have always believed in the power of businesses and how it can be used to do good in the society. With this idea in mine, at LearnEd, I look after implementing the online projects contributing to the growth of the company . The journey so far has been – exciting, challenging as well as fulfilling at the same time.

LearnEd has taught me that it is not about Communicating, but the fear of Communicating, and that there is a huge difference between the two. It has exposed me to the various aspects of Communication and helped reflect on what it is that I can work on.

The vision of LearnEd to use gaming and new learning techniques to teach effective communication inspires me to create a beautiful, enriching experience for the participants. Our game LeapOn is the new way of learning. In today’s time, where travel and time is limited, LearnEd is taking risks to bring people online to interact, learn and become pros at communicating in English. A huge help is that the team is on board with the vision. That’s half the battle won, and that’s the best thing about working at LearneEd. LearnEd has given me the chance to explore different ideas, be experimental and take risks, and I hope to inspire the same in all our clients as well!

Are you “employable?”

Getting a great college placement and then getting job success are both directly related to your “employability.” If you are…
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Getting a great college placement and then getting job success are both directly related to your “employability.” If you are in specific industries such as manufacturing or pharmaceuticals, you will need to think about this even more carefully. That’s because there is a higher possibility for career growth compared to other industries. 

After surveying over three hundred students and newly placed candidates, we know for a fact that your soft skills, plus your English communication for speaking and writing in many important situations, and your emotional intelligence or attitude play the most crucial role in career success.  

It will surprise you to know that the development of these very important skills was has been neglected in our higher education system. Most college graduates worry about how to do well in an interview, interview skills in other words because they know that most employers today consider them as a top requirement to get a job. They also worry about how to prepare for placement and what it is that will make an impression on the recruiter. 

On the other hand, most new hires worry about how they will gain the trust of their supervisors and create more growth opportunities for themselves in their current job. 

The CBI/Pearson Education & Skills report, published in November 2018, highlighted the following: Around four in ten (43%) rate readiness for work as one of their three most important considerations. Indeed, it ranks as the single most important factor for almost half (45%) of businesses when recruiting school and college leavers.

Thus, very often then we are asked what employability skills mean. Many people are still under the false impression that it means having a strong CV or resume and having good interview skills. We are not discounting the importance of these, but they form a very small part of the big picture! From our twenty years of experience in the education and coaching field, we know that at the heart of the big picture are employability skills like strong communication and other personal attributes like being a team player, shouldering responsibility, leadership qualities and the like and it is these attributes that enable you to be successful in life.

While your technical skills may get your foot in the door, your people skills are what open most of the doors to come. Your work ethic, your attitude, your communication skills, your emotional intelligence and a whole host of other personal attributes are the soft skills that are crucial for career success.

With the world moving fast towards online learning, we’d like to invite you to join our 5-day course on “Precise Writing for Pharma Industry”. 

Be a forerunner amongst your peers and upskill yourself. Join our Webinar on April 3rd, Friday at 9 PM IST. Webinar attendees will also receive a valuable early-bird discount on our upcoming online courses!