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Two Ingredients to Successfully Master a Language

Tried Deconstructed Burgers? Now Try Deconstructed Conversations! When you smile, you don’t realise just how many muscles in the body come together to produce that smile. Just like that, when we speak at a mile a minute, we don’t realise just how much the brain works to produce that perfect sentence. Today, take a few […]

Do you think your English is Holding you back from getting a Promotion

Picture this: You’ve managed to earn a great degree in your field, slogged through placements and/or multiple applications, interviews and managed to get your hands on a pretty good job. That first pay cheque has given you a thrill unlike no other- like an ideal child, you’ve bought your mum and dad something nice, treated […]

This is where India stands on the English Proficiency Index

Have you ever wondered how India ranks when it comes to English proficiency, as compared to the other countries of the world? Your curiosity ends here, because a lot of others have wondered the same too. The answer lies in EF’s EPI – an English Proficiency Index. The EPI is calculated on the basis of […]