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Discover how LearnEd worked with Ferromatik Milacron, a global leader in the field of manufacturing and servicing of highly specialized machines for the plastic industry, to enhance their communication skills to meet global and cross cultural communication challenges.

Ferromatik Milacron India is a global leader in the manufacture, distribution and service of highly customised machines for the plastic and processing industry. It has a strong global customer base and recognised for their high quality products.

Who: The participants were middle management and executives from sales, accounting, marketing, HR, and higher management, from across 5 departments of the company. Together the team was approximately 300 participants. They were all involved in direct communication with clients either through sales, service or production and wanted to enhance their communication skills to best meet client requirements.

What: Ferromatik reached out to LearnEd for upskilling their middle level and executive workforce through three 50-hour intensive training programs for various groups with varied communication skills in English. The participants participated in interactive sessions of presentation skills, listening and speaking skills and business writing skills, covered by several topics in the training program.

Why: The teams were facing challenges in making effective presentations and needed to polish their skills in email, report and proposal writing. As they are a global organisation, they have to deal with clients from across the globe so confidence building for conversations with local and international counterparts was also a challenge.

How: A thorough needs assessment was undertaken to gauge the level of the communication skills of the participants and then a needs-based curriculum was developed and delivered by two instructors over a period of eight weeks.

Achievements: Participants wrote proposals in various areas to improve the quality of their workday. LearnEd coaches guided the participants to prepare these proposals and present them skillfully to the upper management. 80% of the proposals presented were accepted by the leadership and implemented during the course.


1) One of the important topics which I like is discourse Markers. During my conversations I try my best to use discourse markers instead of filler. Listening will also be a useful strategy for me to enhance my listening capability.

2) The Email writing exercise will help me write effective Emails using techniques like You-Attitude. The session on presentations has taught me to create more visual presentations and has also provided information related to body language and gestures.

3)Powerful writing- it will help me to make my message or email more effective ,clear and short. Culture differences- Help me to understand the mentality of my colleagues and teach me how to communicate with them.

Through the various sessions on presentation skills using You attitude, observing and understanding body language, business writing skills in their daily work, the participants expressed that they see a marked improvement in their work efficiency. They are better able to handle client conversations and have better productivity in their work. It has also helped many of them in their personal lives too.

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