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“Whenever I have free time, I go to educational institutes to see what short courses they are offering that I can take.” Romit Vaghela tells me, rather freely. He works with raw material purchase and packaging for a major tea company, and has been with them for nearly nine years. Immediately, it amazed me that a man as senior as him was working so consciously on never stopping the learning process. When speaking to him, I’d never have realised that he had needed classes to help with communication.

“My job requires me to communicate with supplies all over India, so I need to be fluent in local languages as well as English, when speaking to clients and superiors.” With a job like Romit’s, extensive communication is a must- interaction with external partners, team members as well as prospective clients. The job also needs a lot of email to be sent back and forth, and fluency in English becomes a must. The apprehensions about acing these emails are huge, because any corporate or any company requires all communication to be put down in writing, and getting a mail right is the key to getting a lot of work done. With these same apprehensions, Romit too decided to find a way to help himself.

I asked him why he felt lacking in communication skills, and he gave me a reason that I have heard from so many people. He has a degree in commerce, and excelled at school, but his medium of education at school was Gujarati. “It isn’t like I don’t know English, I do, but most of us who have studied in the Gujarati medium have this innate fear of speaking in English which doesn’t allow us to be comfortable with ourselves.” About LearnEd, he said that he loved the fact that the course was not for absolute beginners, but for people who would be at 5-6 band score on an IELTS exam- people with the drive to learn more and excel.

Has LearnEd helped him on his path?

“Absolutely!”, he says, “Tarana and Neesha have been so kind and practical with me, helping me along in the course patiently. With the webinars and the game, Romit believes that his self-confidence has gone up a few notches now!

When asked about what he enjoyed about Project LeapOn, our mobile-learning platform, Romit had an interesting anecdote to share. “One of the printers in our office doesn’t work, and we have been trying for a while to get it replaced, but to no response from the IT team. Our communication with them was just orders, and they weren’t doing any good. After seeing the impact of forming personal connections with the characters in the app, I decided to try the same here. We invited the IT team over, sat with them for tea and conversation, personally showed them the malfunctioning printer, the way I’d seen it happen on the app.” Did it work, I asked. “The new printer should reach our office by next week!”

When asked about how else the course can benefit clients other than his personal experience, Romit spoke at length about how it can help one become more comfortable when preparing for English proficiency exams like GRE, IELTS and PTE. “The way the tutors give you advice, and the kind of exercises they give you, if you implement it regularly, you will see good scores for sure! However, for any kind of improvement, practice is necessary for you!” With this adage, Romit signs off.

I truly think that Romit is one of our favorite clients, having established his skill levels at work, he continues to demonstrate a will to learn, and to remain disciplined at it.

This could be you too, contact LearnEd today to see how we can help your communication skills!

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