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Ferromatik Milacron, India

Discover how LearnEd worked with Ferromatik Milacron, a global leader in the field of manufacturing and servicing of highly specialized machines for the plastic industry, to enhance their communication skills to meet global and cross cultural communication challenges. Ferromatik Milacron India is a global leader in the manufacture, distribution and service of highly customised machines […]

KHS, India

KHS, India holds a leading position in the packaging machinery industry as a leading international manufacturer of filling and packaging equipment for the beverage, food, and non-food sectors. The Ahmedabad plant is set up as a campus with management and manufacturing units with over 1000 employees. KHS, India holds a leading position in the packaging […]

Two Ingredients to Successfully Master a Language

Tried Deconstructed Burgers? Now Try Deconstructed Conversations! When you smile, you don’t realise just how many muscles in the body come together to produce that smile. Just like that, when we speak at a mile a minute, we don’t realise just how much the brain works to produce that perfect sentence. Today, take a few […]

Do you think your English is Holding you back from getting a Promotion

Picture this: You’ve managed to earn a great degree in your field, slogged through placements and/or multiple applications, interviews and managed to get your hands on a pretty good job. That first pay cheque has given you a thrill unlike no other- like an ideal child, you’ve bought your mum and dad something nice, treated […]

Why I Joined LearnEd – Yash Maniar

At school, I was very shy and never interacted with anyone a lot. Things changed with my interactions during college festivals, while giving presentations during the Management course I did and while studying at an entrepreneurship programme in the US.  While I have been fortunate to have these experience, there are many friends who haven’t […]

This is where India stands on the English Proficiency Index

Have you ever wondered how India ranks when it comes to English proficiency, as compared to the other countries of the world? Your curiosity ends here, because a lot of others have wondered the same too. The answer lies in EF’s EPI – an English Proficiency Index. The EPI is calculated on the basis of […]