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“Human beings, regardless of culture or ethnicity, have an inherent need to foster meaningful connections at home and at work. This inherent need is what motivates them most to master communication and language skills.”
– Tarana Patel Chatterjee

While technology has expanded our reach in local and global markets, the human connection will always be the most important link. After all, your value proposition transforms into revenues only if you strike a chord with your customer. This requires purposeful communication.

To succeed consistently in business, we must understand the complexities of how teams connect internally and externally across language barriers, cultures, and working styles. Communication efficiency is at the center of how a business of any size thrives.

At LearnEd, we focus on building communication skills to deepen the human-connection. We tackle Business English and communication challenges and gaps for human resources at every level – leaders, managers, or junior teams.

We’ve evolved rapidly to keep pace with the Indian business landscape since we started in 2011. We’ve delivered our programs to over thousands of college students and professionals at all skill levels. We’ve also trained hundreds of school and college faculty members to teach effectively in English. With our carefully designed online courses, and a communication strategy Game App in the works, we now an e-learning company with a human touch and focused on helping businesses grow.

3 Reasons LearnEd Exists

To build trustful human connections with skilled communication

To empower individuals and organizations with techniques and self-awareness to make purposeful communication

To constantly inquire where and why communication challenges arise and how we can solve them

Behind The Scene

Team LearnEd works together for the love of learning. Whether it is creating culinary delights or an advanced listening skills lesson to challenge the most ambitious professional, we are always eager to take on a hearty challenge. We’re ambitious life-long learners. We are resourceful and relentless word “cutting-edge” best describes us and our work.


Setting off with a camera to photograph life around her own city, backpacking in distant lands, exploring within with a consistent meditation practice, or learning a new language… The spirit of learning and exploration is what guides LearnEd’s founder, Tarana, in all her work. That’s why LearnEd’s foundation also rests on the spirit of life-long learning.

When Tarana founded LearnEd in 2011, her first project was to prepare 500 graduating engineers for employment. For this she created an internship program with her graduate school in the US for experts to come to India and teach. Many engineers went on to study abroad and have become successful business owners. For her contributions to professional education, Tarana was awarded the Young Alumni Achievement Award in 2012 by The Middlebury Institute of International Studies, USA.

Tarana has thrived in learning environments across four continents – Germany, China, USA. Over 2000 individuals from 80 nationalities have participated in Tarana’s courses so far. She has a Bachelor’s in Business & Economics from Claremont McKenna College and a Master’s in Educational Linguistics from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, USA. In her decade-long position as the Academic Director of International Education at the University of California, Riverside, she set-up the university’s first English Center in Beijing, China. She has also taught at UCLA and been a volunteer facilitator at the Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA) since 2002.

The physical and mental exhilaration of trekking in pristine nature is Tarana’s favorite getaway. She is a long-term Iyengar yogi and a certified Advanced Pranic Healer. Her travel photography has been exhibited in Ahmedabad, Los Angeles, and Nat Geo online.

Dhruv loves traveling whether it is mountains or other exotic places. He has developed passion for hiking and intends to do more hiking trips. He received his Bachelor’s degree from University of Wisconsin – Madison with specializations in Computer Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics. He also earned an MBA along with a Master’s in Engineering Management from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.Dhruv believes in continued learning. He started his career at GE Healthcare (USA) in a leadership management program. After MBA, he got management consulting experience working at McKinsey & Company in India. Post McKinsey, Dhruv helped his family business grow especially in international sales. He also facilitated a joint venture with a leading Swiss company creating a stronger brand for both India and international markets.

Dhruv believes in making the most out of life. He loves spending time with his family, watch movies/ shows and doing fun activities together. Friends are a very important part of his life and he loves spending time and traveling with friends.

Neesha strongly believes learning is for life and it is never too late to learn any new skill and follow your dream. And, she did exactly that. With a Master’s in Finance and 10 years of work in the corporate world, she took a plunge into K-12 education for her love for learning. She pursued that with a new B. Ed. degree and then expanded her work in the area of English and communication skills training in the corporate world which she is quite familiar with. Getting a TKTs from Cambridge University gave her an edge in this work. As an educator Neesha has taught at leading educational institutes in Ahmedabad, India such as CEPT, EDII, United World Institute of Design, etc. as a program coordinator and communication skills trainer.A steaming cup of green or ginger-lemongrass tea with milk is Neesha’s favorite beverage. But, she can also put a coffee drinker to shame with her joy for a good dark roast. Last but not least, Neesha can be easily bribed with a piece of high-quality dark chocolate. According to Neesha, excellent communication skills are the foundation for success both in personal and professional life and she can channel that precisely through LearnEd.

Facilitators, USA

Yash is passionate about entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability, and making a difference in people’s lives. He believes in creating value-based products and companies that can leave a dent in the universe. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and a Masters in Commerce. He is an alumnus from The Do School Of Germany which gave him the perspective of Social Entrepreneurship in his life.

Yash’s curiosity, eagerness to learn, and solution-oriented approach makes him an enthusiastic and committed product manager. He has the experience of running his own company at the age of 24, has been a facilitator at the India Youth Jam for the last 6 years, and is undergoing a Personal and Professional Leadership Coaching training with Coach for Life, USA.

When Yash is not working, you will find him spending time outdoors (mostly at the beach watching the sunset), sipping on “Adrak Chai” (Ginger Chai) or eating, thinking about, cooking, and indulging in good food.

For Yash, LearnEd empowers people, gives them a language to express themselves better, and builds confidence that fulfills them and their ambitions.

Kunal has designed online courses with organizations like Google, Udacity and MIT Media Lab which have reached several million students globally. He has written extensively about the future of digital education and the best practices of designing online courses. He holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin, and an MA in Education Technology from Stanford University.Kunal likes explaining things. Thus he started ChaleesMin.School — an online space for middle school students to learn about science topics in 40 minutes or less. This interest also led Kunal to LearnEd, where he now collaborates with Tarana and the rest of the team to design LearnEd’s online content.

Tejsi doesn’t like to quit until she fixes a problem and makes a customer happy. She’s a curious soul, a detail-oriented planner, and a people-person. Her multifaceted experience of 10 years of working in the event management industry makes her a quick thinker and sharp observer for what people might need before they even express it.Tejsi holds a Bachelor’s in Commerce from the S. M. Patel Institute of Commerce in Ahmedabad and a Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Arts from the Institute of Design Expression, Art & Learning. With a strong learning bone and a sharing mindset, Tejsi has also served as visiting faculty at the Summer Workshops at Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University in Gujarat for three years where she taught fine art and art history. She cherishes her time teaching first grade students at Ahmedabad’s prestigious Anand Niketan School as a time of discovery and wonder.

Tejsi’s artworks have been exhibited in different shows across Ahmedabad and covered by prominent news features locally. Her inspiration in art and in life comes from her love for animals, working at her family farm, being in nature, and taking her dog on long walks.


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